Cox Dollars (10)
Cox dollars to spend everywhere!
$10.00 Qty:
Cold Apple Cider by the gallon
Cold Cider by the gallon for you and your guests!
$8.99 Qty:

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Gallons of apple cider may be pre-purchased in advance of your event. Bring your voucher to either Party booth #10 or Customer Service to by 2:30pm redeem for cups and cold, delicious cider by the gallon!
Apple Cider Donuts by the dozen
Cox Farms famously delicious Apple Cider donuts!
$12.00 Qty:

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Treat your guests to our amazing apple cider donuts! Available for pre-order by the dozen; bring your voucher to either Party booth #10 or Customer Service by 2:30pm and redeem for the perfect snack. Paired with our delicious cold cider - the ultimate in Festival fine dining!
Kettle Corn
Bags of Kettle Corn for you and your guests to enjoy!
$6.50 Qty:

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Pre-purchase Cox Farms famous kettle corn for your event! Bring your voucher to either Party ticket booth #10 or Customer Service by 2:30pm and redeem for our largest bag of kettle corn. It's sure to be a crowd-pleaser!
Ice Cream cups (8)
Inviting a few more guests? Don't forget to add more ice cream too!
$9.00 Qty:

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8 Ice Cream cups to serve your guests. Visit Milk and Cookies or ask your party host to pick up your Ice Cream, just in time to serve with cake!
Party Cupcakes (4)
Party cupackes! Make party planning easy and cross one more thing off your to-do list!
$5.00 Qty:

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Delicious and Yummy! Available in 4-packs on weekends only.
Whole pizzas makes it easy to feed your group! Save $5 by purchasing a whole pizza instead of buying by the slice.
$17.00 Qty:

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Your choice of cheese or pepperoni! Each pizza is cut into 8 slices and stays hot in our pizza oven until you're ready to eat! Pre-ordered pizzas can be picked up from the main kitchen.
Pizza and drinks (8)
Nothing beats pizza and cold drinks for your hungry guests! Save a bundle with this deal.
$25.00 Qty:

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Includes your choice of a cheese or pepperoni pizza and 8 drinks (soda, juice or water)
Set of Party Favors
Extra set of Party Favors for that last minute RSVP!
$5.00 Qty:

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Includes place settings, ice cream, bandana, Cox Farms tattoo, airplane glider
Car Magnet Car Magnet
Magnets for your car, refrigerator or any other metallic surface!
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