Safely stock up on all your favorite seasonal treats this holiday season, from the comfort of your vehicle! Order online then follow the signs to the Drive-through Market to pick up your items.

  • Drive-through Market season runs Friday, November 27 – Monday, December 21 
  • Please note - the Market is closed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Orders must be placed online and can be picked up immediately
  • Open for pickup Monday and Friday 1-5pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm (November 27th 9am-5pm)
  • Market open for order pickup rain or shine

Cox Farms Merchandise Items (T-Shirts, Hoodies, Magnets) will be shipped only. 

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Snacks and Treats

Apple Cider Donuts - 1/2 DOZEN Apple Cider Donuts - 1/2 DOZEN
Cox Farms famously delicious Apple Cider donuts!
$7.00 Qty:

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You've been waiting all year, get your fix here! Packaged by the half-dozen, made fresh on-site.
Apple Cider Donuts - DOZEN Apple Cider Donuts - DOZEN
Eat a dozen, freeze a dozen!
$12.00 Qty:

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Apple cider donuts made fresh on-site!
Cinnamon Almonds Cinnamon Almonds
Cox Farms roasted almonds..yum!!
$7.00 Qty:

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Roasted in cinnamon..they smell great and taste even better!
Kettle Corn Kettle Corn
Our famously addicting Kettle Corn for you and your family to enjoy!
$6.50 Qty:

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Stock up on our famous kettle corn for snacking at home (although some of us have been known to make it a meal)!
Bottled Water
Chilly cold water to wash down your treats!
$1.50 Qty:

Winter Essentials

Apple Butter - PINT Apple Butter - PINT
The perfect condiment for every season!
$5.99 Qty:

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Spread on toast, mix into oatmeal, top your pancakes, use in savory or sweet recipes..the possibilities are endless and delicious! 16 oz jar (19 oz by weight)
Apple Cider - GALLON Apple Cider - GALLON
Cold Cider by the gallon to enjoy at home!
$8.99 Qty:

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Delicious and refreshing, perfect cold or heated.
Apple Cider - 1/2 GALLON Apple Cider - 1/2 GALLON
Cold apple cider sold by the half gallon
$5.69 Qty:

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Enjoy cold or hot, perfect either way!
Mulling Spices Mulling Spices
Click on image for ingredients and how to use!
$4.99 Qty:

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Made onsite with the perfect combination of spices for homemade hot cider!


20' Mixed Pinecone Wreath 20" Mixed Pinecone Wreath
Hiawatha Evergreen mixed greens wreath
$32.99 Qty:
33 of 34 remaining

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Festive wreath with bow and berries, 20" diameter
24' Mixed Pinecone Wreath 24" Mixed Pinecone Wreath
Hiawatha Evergreen mixed greens wreath
$40.99 Qty:
22 of 22 remaining

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Bow and berries make for a festive display, 24" diameter
14' Cox Farms Homemade Wreath 14" Cox Farms Homemade Wreath
Made fresh on-site
$27.99 Qty:

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14" diameter, fraser wreath decorated with bow and berries
20' Cox Farms Homemade Wreath 20" Cox Farms Homemade Wreath
Made fresh on-site
$37.99 Qty:

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20" diameter, fraser wreath decorated with bow and berries

Christmas Accessories

Prolong Prolong
Tree preservative
$3.99 Qty:
198 of 200 remaining

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Extends the life of your tree with water absorption and needle retention
Tree Bag Tree Bag
Makes clean up so easy!
$2.99 Qty:
421 of 424 remaining

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Provides an extra layer of protection for your flooring or carpet.
Tree Stand - 4' Tree Stand - 4'
For trees up to 4 feet tall
$14.99 Qty:
50 of 50 remaining

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For tree diameter up to 3"
Tree Stand - 8' Tree Stand - 8'
For trees up to 8 feet tall
$26.99 Qty:
63 of 63 remaining

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For tree diameter up to 6"
Tree Stand - 10' Tree Stand - 10'
For large trees
$39.99 Qty:
53 of 53 remaining

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For trees up to 10' tall and 6" in diameter
Tabletop Tree with Stand
Perfect little tree complete with stand!
$35.00 Qty:
36 of 36 remaining

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