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Food and Party Add-ons

Whole pizzas makes it easy to feed your group! Save $5 by purchasing a whole pizza instead of buying by the slice.
$17.00 Qty:

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Your choice of cheese or pepperoni! Each pizza is cut into 8 slices and stays hot in our pizza oven until you're ready to eat! Pre-ordered pizzas can be picked up at the main kitchen.
Pizza and drinks (8)
Nothing beats pizza and cold drinks for your hungry guests! Save a bundle with this deal.
$25.00 Qty:

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Includes your choice of a cheese or pepperoni pizza and 8 drinks (soda, juice or water)
Party Cupcakes (4)
Party cupackes! Make party planning easy and cross one more thing off your to-do list!
$5.00 Qty:

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Delicious and Yummy! Available in 4-packs on weekends only.
Set of Party Favors
Extra set of Party Favors for that last minute RSVP!
$5.00 Qty:

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Includes place settings, bandana, Cox Farms tattoo, airplane glider
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