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Herb and veggie plants are sold in 3.5-4.5" pots, Petunia hanging baskets are 12", all other hanging baskets are 10" unless noted in the description.

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Pepper plants - HOT

Anaheim pepper Anaheim pepper
mild hot pepper
$2.99 Qty:
4 of 38 remaining

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Mild, medium-sized (5-8") chili pepper with thick walls and a rich, sweet flavor. Green peppers ripen to red. Scoville: 500-2500 (mild)
Ancho/Poblano pepper Ancho/Poblano pepper
please contact Customer Service to inquire about available inventory
$2.99 Qty:
0 of 36 remaining

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Mild Mexican chili great for roasting, stuffing and drying, ripens from green to red; the flavor gets spicier as they ripen. 'Ancho' refers to the ripened and dried red poblano. Scoville: 1,000-1,500
Arapaho (Cayenne) pepper Arapaho (Cayenne) pepper
traditional cayenne
$2.99 Qty:
11 of 23 remaining

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Simultaneously sweet and moderately hot, medium-thick walls, high yield, 8-9" fruit
Caribbean Red pepper Caribbean Red pepper
really, really hot
$2.99 Qty:
11 of 12 remaining

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Ripens to a beautiful deep red and is twice as hot as a habanaro
Habanero pepper Habanero pepper
bright orange yellow and HOT
$2.99 Qty:
22 of 41 remaining

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The hottest Central American style pepper
Hot Lemon pepper Hot Lemon pepper
heirloom hot pepper from Ecuador
$2.99 Qty:
4 of 15 remaining

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Hot as any Cayenne but with a truly unique flavor. Ripens to pure lemon yellow in about 80 days but is delightfully flavorful when green. Fruits are narrow, 3-4" long and distinctively wrinkled, with tender skin and spicy aroma. Best fresh or in sauces.
Lemon Habanero pepper Lemon Habanero pepper
fruity, citrusy and hot!
$2.99 Qty:
6 of 7 remaining

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Habanero Lemon, also known as Yellow Habanero, is a lantern-shaped chili that matures from green to lemon yellow, 2" fruit.
Hungarian Wax pepper Hungarian Wax pepper
perfect for pickled peppers!
$2.99 Qty:
23 of 36 remaining

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Fruits are 5" long, start out bright yellow and turn red as they mature, four to five times hotter than jalapeño, A Mexican favorite with a distinctive pungent flavor.
Red Ember pepper Red Ember pepper
cayenne pepper
$2.99 Qty:
5 of 26 remaining

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Has warm heat that lingers..enough to satisfy "pepper heads" but mild enough to slice thinly onto a salad, high-yielding plants
Sandia Hybrid pepper Sandia Hybrid pepper
medium hot pepper
$2.99 Qty:
2 of 7 remaining

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Pungent, 6 to 7" fruits have medium thick flesh that matures from dark-green to bright-scarlet. Can be eaten at green or red stage. Excellent for fresh eating, roasting and drying.
Serrano pepper Serrano pepper
Hot Rod variety
$2.99 Qty:
8 of 28 remaining

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Dark green fruits are traditionally eaten green but if allowed, will ripen to red, medium hot 3" fruit, high yielding
Super chili pepper Super chili pepper
very hot, very prolific
$2.99 Qty:
7 of 64 remaining

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Small Asian style, 2-3"

Pepper plants - SWEET

Mystery Sweet Pepper Plant
selected for you by our team
$2.99 Qty:
0 of 10 remaining

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Due to limited inventory, your pepper plant will be one of the following: Cubanelle, Red Knight, Striped Holland or Sweet Banana

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